Water-cooled Series

Temp. Range


Humidity Range


Cooling Capacity

290/364 KW


  • High inductive temperature control switch, easy control the manufacturing process liquid temperature. (accuracy ±0.5 ℃)
  • With Euro-well-known brand compressor and water pump, low noise, high E.E.R
  • Casing pipe type condenser and stainless steel plank type heat exchanger. Significantly promote the cooling efficiency.
  • The cold storage trough can store surplus energy according to the demand. Can save 20% energy.
  • Microprocessor control panel and auto-detect indicate lamp.
  • With perfect and multiple security protected device, postponed and automatic return home circulated function.
  • Stainless Steel water tank and water circulating system design.
  • Can set water supply by manual or automatic method.
  • With perfect anti-shock device and feet wheel design, easy to move.
  • Must collocate with cooling water tower.


  • The plastic hollow molding/ plastics runner film roller cooling.
  • Plastic injection and punching molding cooling.
  • All kind microprocessor control machine tools, grinders, machine centers and combined lathe of the principal axis lubrication and hydraulic system cooling.
  • Laser cutting & marking machine.
  • Semiconductor and electron Instruments, ultrasonic cleaning equipment.
  • All kind of machine processes liquid cooling.


Model WT-1200B
Temp. range 5~40°C(Indoor )
Humidity range 40~80%
Power 3P –220/380V –50/60Hz
Coolant R22/R407
Cooling liquid Water
Export temp 8~30°C ± 1°C
Cooling capacity
Kcal-h 250,000/300,000
BTU-h 1,000,000/1,248,000
kw 290/364
Water flow L/min 1,000
Water pressure Kg 2
Water piping High pressure rubber tube, Stainless steel piping
Protection system No fuse magnetic switch, water level, against/lack phase, ultra-temp., overload protection
Compressor Kw 18×4
Cold-water inlet/outlet 4”
Remote control AC220V、DC 24V
Color Blue+ White
Dimension LxWxH mm 4,000 x 1,500 x 2,385
Water tank L 3,000
Weight kg 4,200

Also have the AT-A2, AT-AL, AT-AL2 system further for your choice.
We reserve the right that modification designs and technique parameter change and will not notice specially.